Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing 16-OnlineTools

I explored the Library organizational tool because I am an obsessive reader. I have been keeping track of what I read for years and thought that this tool might help me organize my reading list. Currently, I organize chronologically, which doesn't work well when I want to look up something that I previously read. I think the Library tool might help with that but you have to enter all the books and add "tags" to them to sort them into categories. But it also is like a giant book club too with discussions on books you have added. I have also used previously and like the tools it has- my children use this online brain stormer.

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RESA 23Things said...

I love LibraryThing and use it as a place to organize the books I want to read. When I go to the public library, I just pull up my account, and there are the titles. Great tool!