Friday, February 19, 2010

The Olympics

I have been watching the winter Olympics each night and really enjoying them. I am not much of a TV watcher as a general rule but the Olympics are fascinating, even the events that aren't popular like the biathalon. And curling...what could be better than that? the commentators could be better but the actual competitions are great.

Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winners

I was so excited to pick my winners today- I could hardly wait. I had so much fun visiting the amazingly creative blogs and people who participated. There were over 1100 participants which is incredible. Many thanks go to Lisa who organized the whole thing. I have lots of new art blogs bookmarked that I will be visiting again in the new future and I am a new follower on several. I also met some new friends that I have had several conversations with already. are the winners of my giveaways.....Random number generator numbers 43 and 56! I had to count the old fashioned way from the top and the numbers corresponded to:

43 is FairlyGirly....yay
56 is Shelly....yippee

I'll be sending you an email in a minute for your addresses and I'll get your earrings out tomorrow. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and encouragements. I hope to be visiting some of you again in the near future. Nancy