Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing 23- Reflection

Reflecting on my Journey---I thought I knew quite a bit about Web 2.0 but I guess the biggest "thing" that I learned was that you can always learn more, lots more. I am teaching classes to other educators so I have incorporated many of the websites and ideas into the things I am teaching over on the west side of the state. I had some favorite "things" that I really enjoyed and have incorporated into my daily life, like RSS feeds. I had no idea how useful they would become to me. Many of the tools we learned about were fun and will be fun to further explore this summer. I signed up for the MITS conference in June so I hope to learn more about how to incorporate 21st century learning into the classroom.

I want to thank you for this wonderful learning experience. It was very well done and easy to follow. As a person who offers trainings to teachers, I commend your organization and ease of use. It was very helpful and FUN! Thank-you!

Thing 22-embedding video

I've embedded a video that I like to show teachers to increase awareness of Web 2.0 and using the internet in classrooms. I know there are several similar ones on the web that have the same message, but I like this one because it is all school aged kids with handwritten messages. I think it makes a bigger impact than just reading the words typed on the screen. Enjoy!