Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thing 5-Subscribing to Blogs

There are so many blogs and so little time. I am using Google Reader rather than Bloglines (never got a confirmation email from Bloglines to set up an account) and right now Google Reader says I have 162 new posts to read. I think I will have to get past the idea of reading everything and just skim. Is this a new skill we need to teach our students too? Maybe internet or Web reading is different from literature reading.
I want to find Blogs with information that I can use- rather than just somebody's personal journal and musings. I really like David Warlick's blog- think that is one I will keep.

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RESA 23Things said...

Yes, Google Reader is fine to use.

And yes, skimming becomes the way we have a quick look at what is out there, without feeling overwhelmed in this age of information.