Friday, February 18, 2011

Jewelry Shows

Jewelry shows are done for the year and I did well considering the ecomony. I entered seven shows this year in a variety of locations- schools, churches, fairground and even a library. I sold many items- I think people are starting to shop again this year. My long eclectic necklaces with lots of charms and vintage pieces were great sellers- I couldn't keep up with the sales on them. That was very exciting- I love them but its encouraging when other people like them too- like them enough to buy them! I saved enough to go on vacation for Spring Break- Yippee!!


Susan said...

Please come see the top few posts on my blog :)

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

Congratulations! Yes, I agree - it's a wonderful endorsement to have people buy your handmade items.

sharon said...

Glad you are doing so well, and thanks for visiting and your support!

simpledaisy said...

Yeah for you!!!!!
That is fantastic:)