Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing 23- Reflection

Reflecting on my Journey---I thought I knew quite a bit about Web 2.0 but I guess the biggest "thing" that I learned was that you can always learn more, lots more. I am teaching classes to other educators so I have incorporated many of the websites and ideas into the things I am teaching over on the west side of the state. I had some favorite "things" that I really enjoyed and have incorporated into my daily life, like RSS feeds. I had no idea how useful they would become to me. Many of the tools we learned about were fun and will be fun to further explore this summer. I signed up for the MITS conference in June so I hope to learn more about how to incorporate 21st century learning into the classroom.

I want to thank you for this wonderful learning experience. It was very well done and easy to follow. As a person who offers trainings to teachers, I commend your organization and ease of use. It was very helpful and FUN! Thank-you!

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RESA 23Things said...

Congratulations! Great job and thank you for your good insights along the way.

I'm glad you learned new things, having already been familiar with much of it.

Have a wonderful summer!